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PRESTIGE HABITAT offers a complete solution for people who are thinking about buying a real estate in Spain

We specialize in the sale of new buildings in the costa blanca area and have properties from all major construction companies in the area.

Our focus is primarily on service to our buyers, follow-up and after-sales service. We are here for you!

PRESTIGE HABITAT properties specializes in the sale of new buildings as well as the resale of properties that have been purchased with us. We make sure we know the properties we are selling very well and the builder behind the property, we do not sell for anyone, we hand-pick our properties.

We also place great emphasis on knowing the area we serve well. It is a big part of our service to get to know the neighborhoods well and what each area has to offer. In our opinion, location and right neighborhood are most important, followed by the property itself. Therefor, we strive to get to know our customers and thus be able to guide you in choosing a location that suits your lifestyle.

Viewing Tour

We offer viewing tours where it is possible to stay in a similar apartment as you are interested in buying.

The trips are organized by us and we take care of you from the moment you arrive at the airport until you return home.

If a property is purchased during the trip with us, we will reimburse the travel costs.

Rent to buy

What is a Rent to Buy?

A Rent to Buy is a contractual arrangement where a property is rented for a specific time period, with the option to purchase the property for a pre-agreed price during that term. The initial payment and all the monthly rent paid during the rental period are deducted from the pre-agreed sales price at the time of purchase.

In summary, this approach allows buyers to start to buy their new home in Spain with as little as 3% initial deposit and with interest free monthly payments during the rental period. The Rent To Buy contract can be a private contract between both parties, alternatively, the contract can be notarised and registered with the land registry, We will assist on this procedure. We have also obtained the support of a local bank to assist our clients to obtain a mortgage if/when required and if a currency transfer is necessary we also have Smart currency exhange to help you get the best rate available.

How does a rent to buy in Spain work?

  • Agree an upfront initial payment (between 3% – 10% of the buying price)
  • Agree a monthly rental amount (all of which will contribute towards the purchase)
  • Agree a sales/purchase price
  • Agree a term within which to purchase the property (usually 12 – 36 months)
  • Sign a contract based on the above agreed amounts
  • Move into your new home
  • Buy the property within the agreed term with all the rent paid being removed from the pre-agreed purchase price


Before the property is handed over to the buyer, Prestige Habitat quality manager will inspect the property and review all finishing issues with the building company and ensure that the property is flawless and meets our quality requirements.

Our opinion is that when you receive the property the delivery should be smooth and easy , you should not have to chase the builder if something is wrong, we will take care of everything for you.

Our customers automatically go to the Prestige Habitat loyalty club and enjoy special deals in furniture and equipment stores, and literally everything needed to complete the home along with network connections, insurance, security systems, etc.

We also offer assistance to help you through the process and take you to stores and assist you all the way if requested.

After sales service

We help with everything you need after the sales process is completed, e.g. Health care, legal domicile, padron, residencia, schools, sports, dentists, tax returns, wills, etc.


We have on our listings many business opportunities that can vary from small coffee shops to big hotels or we can help you set up your own new business from begining.

We currently have access to the sale of hotels and nursing homes. These are unique opportunities to invest in projects with potentially very high returns

Contact us to know more about this, and how together we can find exactly the investment that suits you best